Premium Dr.K Pet Milk 150ml. Dog Cat Milk. Susu Anjing Kucing

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Premium Dr.K Pet Milk
Volume: 150ml

Made by
No antibiotic, eco-friendly, HACCP certified Raw milk

Premium pet milk is a special animal milk produced in separated exlusive facility through a technical alliance with the Veterinary Science Research Institute of the College of Veterinary Medicine Konkuk University and Konkuk Milk Company.

Use of Raw milk quality is 6 times stronger than 1A grade, which is the highest grade in Korea milk quality

It is good for the balanced nutrition and hydration of the animals using the milk as it is called the complete food

Completely decompose the lactose, so digestion and absorption are good

Add colostrum to help strengthen the immunity of companion animals

Add dietary fiber to help with bowel health

Add Yucca extract to reduce the smell of exrement

Add Taurine to help with eye health

Strengthen vitamine and minerals that are scarce in companion animals